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Announcing Our Essay Contest Winner: Fifth Grade Student Chade

How We Can Make Our Community Stronger, Safer and Better
by Chade, Grade 5 Oberlin

Look out your window. What do you see? You see someone getting hurt. Or you’ll see someone being carried away in an ambulance. Like Trayvon Martin—he was killed for no reason. He was gunned down for just having an Arizona can and a bag of Skittles in his hands. We should get rid of gun violence and make peace in the world. It’s great that the man that killed him is in jail, but Trayvon still isn’t here. He might have had a lot of great dreams, but it’s not fair that a family lost their son and brother. This is why I think the world should change.

Now turn on the TV. It’s going to be sunny weather, but not for the kids that where killed in Connecticut, those innocent little kids were killed for no reason. Kids six to seven had dreams, great big dreams but that was taken away from them. Also those kids where not even able to see the world yet. Those kids only got to live the first six to seven years in life; they weren’t even able to see their teen years. This is why the world should change.

There are a thousand ways that we can change the world. First, we can get more security in the schools and stores. Nothing would happen if we had more security. Also, the world needs more cops. If cops would actually do their jobs nothing would really happen. This is how I think we should change the world.

They should make it even harder for a person to be able to get a license for a gun. And really do an extensive background check on the person who is trying to get one. If the government would stop pumping guns into urban areas we would be less likely to be walking around killing each other over senseless things.

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