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Harlem Link is a nonprofit organization, having been granted tax exempt status under Section 501(c)3 of the Internal Revenue Code.

There are many ways to give, including credit card, check, and securities transfer.

Credit card

If you would like to make a secure donation with a credit card online, you can do so through
Network For Good. Just click on the link and follow the instructions. You will receive a letter from Harlem Link confirming your donation and indicating our tax-exempt status.


An alternative for secure donations with a credit card online can be done with Paypal. Just click on the link and follow the instructions. You will receive a letter from Harlem Link confirming your donation and indicating our tax-exempt status.


You can also send a check to:

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Securities Transfer

If you would like to donate appreciated securities, please contact Thank you for your interest in supporting Harlem Link!

Statement of Need

In recent years charter schools including Harlem Link have provided educational improvements in historic proportions to high-need communities. In order to continue to provide an innovative, high quality academic program for its at-risk students, Harlem Link must supplement state and federal revenue with private donations. Even with additional private dollars, the school spends less per child than New York City district schools.

Give Your Time: Volunteer Opportunities

From intensive and ongoing activities (such as board membership or weekly tutoring) to one-time events (such as participating in a clean-up day), volunteers are a lifeblood of Harlem Link’s success. Please consider lending your expertise. Following are only some examples of highly impactful volunteer work:

To volunteer, or for more information, contact Steven Evangelista at (212) 289-3249.

Impact Opportunities

$25,000 covers our annual Curriculum Mapping process. In this annual process, teachers and administrators gather on evenings, weekends and in the summer to review and revise our curriculum in each grade and subject area. Harlem Link’s customized approach to curriculum is a central ingredient to the school’s success. Teachers and administrators have the time and the tools to work cohesively to push children at all levels of learning to the highest possible standard by producing a map in which all subjects and grades are moving in the same direction.

It’s early Saturday morning at Harlem Link, but our teachers aren’t sleeping in. A kindergarten teacher and a third grade teacher are poring over the Mathematics maps for each grade. “They’re multiplying fractions already by third grade? Now I understand why they need to leave kindergarten knowing how to compare and what under, over, above and below means!” says the kindergarten teacher.

$10,000 covers the year-long delivery of high quality services provided by our Student Support Team to one at-risk child. This team, consisting of teachers, administrators, social workers and other service providers, plans and executes academic and social interventions for our most struggling students. We work with families to assess and serve each student individually, and our work in this area has won praise from our state authorizer and the local Committee on Special Education. As a result, 100% of Harlem Link students consistently score at least at Level 2 – approaching standards – on the state English Language Arts exam (compared to an annual rate of 8.5% at Level 1, far below standards, in the local district).

When James first arrived at Harlem Link in first grade, the work was extremely frustrating for him. It was understandably so: he was not only at risk of academic failure, but his writing was nothing more than a string of letters that exhibited no understanding of the basic sounds of written English. Through goal-setting by all of the adults who work with him and intensive support from the Academic Intervention Services team, as well as counseling from the school social worker who helped him get through his frustration, James is now in fourth grade and reading and writing at grade level. He still wants to be a basketball player when he grows up, but he is also considering a backup career… as a teacher!

$5,000 underwrites the cost of planning time beyond the school day for one teacher this year. Our innovative approach includes not only a longer school day and year for students, but more time on site for teachers as well. Teachers and other staff members remain at school after hours twice a week to plan and review student data together. As a result students experience a cohesive instructional program across classrooms, from grade to grade and throughout the year.

Enter a classroom between 3:45 and 5:00 pm, you might expect to find an empty room or perhaps a teacher grading papers after the students have gone for the day. But not at Harlem Link on Tuesdays and Thursdays. During these times you will find the rooms alive with the vibrant transfer of knowledge between teachers and other staff members about students, their work and their academic needs – knowledge that, could be lost if the teachers and others didn’t sit down in an orderly way and share it…

$2,500 closes the state budget gap for one child. State tuition payments are approximately 25% lower for charter school students than for local school district students – and that gap is increasing. A donation of $2,500 allows us to close this gap for a single child, who will continue to benefit from a superior education aimed at graduating articulate scholars and active citizens.

When Raina Sanchez’s son Marcos reached school age, she could have enrolled him at the South Bronx district public school across the street from her home – but she didn’t. She chose to undertake an arduous, nearly hour-long daily commute to bring Marcus to Harlem Link, for a better education. Though she and Marcus have struggled with tardiness, they have made adjustments and improved, and on February 2, 2009 Raina took her biggest commute of all – she went to Albany as part of Harlem Link’s Charter School Advocacy Day contingent to argue for her son, and for charter schools to receive their fair share of state education funding.

$1,000 underwrites our middle school placement program for one fifth grade scholar. Our mission is to graduate scholar-citizens, but it does not end with graduation because entry into the right middle school keeps our students on a lifelong path toward success.  With the acute middle school crisis in Upper Manhattan and the outsider status of many of our families, our team works overtime and spends significant resources to prepare our graduating students to master and conquer the highly competitive middle school admissions process. The skills and habits we teach as part of this process will facilitate entry into an excellent school and prepare our graduates for high school and college.

Manhattan’s Upper West Side features some of the best public middle school options in the city. Although they share a school district with the southern part of Harlem, these schools have long ignored Harlem students. Harlem Link is helping to change that: with this year’s school tours underway and the application deadline nearing, we can already tell that our students are in demand by these top public schools.

Little Writer

“Harlem Link has established strong instructional leadership. At the time of renewal, the school had in place teacher development structures to support the implementation of a high quality program.”

(SUNY renewal report, 2013)