Harlem Link Parent Association

About the Harlem Link Parent Association

Harlem Link’s Parent Association (HLPA) is an independent organization led by parents of students at the school. HLPA works with the school’s parent coordinator to organize monthly meetings and workshops at the school and to provide resources and communication for parents and other school community members. HLPA’s main purpose is to establish and maintain a high level of parent participation in the education of their children. Emphasis is placed on the commitment of parents to be engaged through participation in school events, community outreach, political activism and fundraising. HLPA also sponsors a number of special events throughout the school year including fundraisers, outreach efforts and cultural celebrations.

The HLPA officers for the 2014-15 school year are:

Tesse Carty

Milly Montantez

Special Events

Events in 2014-15 include but are not limited to:

Smile with a book

Harlem Link parent:

"I like the diverse curriculum of the charter school my child attends. My daughter is not only learning the basics of arithmetic and English, but her studies are rich in science, the arts and social studies. I also appreciate the way the school makes me feel welcome as a partner in my child's education."

(Charter School Center website)