Staff Directory

Harlem Link Staff Directory

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Aviva Buechler, Kindergarten Co-Teacher

Gabriele Green, Kindergarten Co-Teacher

Ross Harold, Kindergarten Co-Teacher

Catherine Schoenfeld, Kindergarten Co-Teacher

Marya Goodman, First Grade Co-Teacher

Rachel Kaplan, First Grade Co-Teacher

Karissa Prieto, First Grade Co-Teacher

Yamit Remz, First Grade Co-Teacher

Erika Cortes, Second Grade Co-Teacher

Jessica Laub, Second Grade Co-Teacher

Kristen Trank, Second Grade Co-Teacher

Caitlin Wright, Second Grade Co-Teacher

Carolyn Glicklich, Third Grade Co-Teacher

Mariela Lemus, Third Grade Co-Teacher

Arden Martin, Third Grade Co-Teacher

Maureen Civelli, Fourth Grade Co-Teacher

Kesina Gray, Fourth Grade Co-Teacher

Lesley Gross, Fourth Grade Co-Teacher

Daniel Steinberg, Fourth Grade Co-Teacher

Hali Dorfman, Fifth Grade Co-Teacher

Stephen Krawec, Fifth Grade Co-Teacher

Rachael Pietrocola, Fifth Grade Co-Teacher

Lisa Trimmer, Fifth Grade Co-Teacher

Christina Dunn, Grades 2-3 Academic Intervention Services

Christine Murray, Grades 4-5 Academic Intervention Services

Regina Babayeva, Speech and Language Pathologist

Ljiljana Dimitrijevic, Occupational Therapist

Matthew Greene, Physical Education Teacher

Leilani Taylor, Grades 3-5 Science Teacher

Jennifer Holliman, Grades K-2 Science Teacher

Leadership Team

Valerie Babb, Director of Development

Matthew Bull, Assistant Principal

Steven Evangelista, Principal, Co-Founder

Nadeisha Greene, Director of Operations and Human Resources

William Harney III, Director of Finance

Nicole Petraglia, Manager of Assessment and Coaching

Michael Rosenblith, Assistant Principal

Margaret Ryan, Director of Curriculum and Professional Learning, Co-Founder

Non-Instructional Staff

Erica Adams, Associate Dean

Kimberly Bernard, Parent and Middle School Placement Coordinator

Regla Mora, Associate Dean

Christopher Priatno, Interim Office Manager

John Reddick, Associate Dean and Founding Board Member

Veronica Robertson, Associate Dean

Summer Sheridan-Zabre, Grades K-2 Social Worker

Katherine Twohig, Grades 3-5 Social Worker

Marianne Van Auken, Special Programs Manager

John Wyeth, Operations Assistant

External Consultants

Joan Backer, City College of New York

Georgie Marley, LitLife Consultant

Jaime Margolies, LitLife Consultant

Garo Tekeyan, Science Instructional Professional Developer


John with a Class

Lower grade teacher:

“...our team has a positive outlook. Even when things get challenging, we work hard to get things done and keep ourselves and our students moving forward.”

(Anonymous staff survey, 2012)