Academics. Inquiry. Community.

Our relationships are what makes Harlem Link unique.

As a school, we believe how we teach is as important as what we teach. In truly child-centered classrooms, adults foster a positive and mutually accountable learning community. We promote continuous professional development for all our faculty, and remain invested in the latest childhood development research to ensure we are offering a progressive educational environment for our families.


Harlem Link Charter School, a Pre-K to 5th Grade public school, links academics, values, and community to graduate scholars who learn and serve in their communities. Families, staff, and the Harlem community partner to provide a safe, supportive learning environment that empowers students and alumni to take an active role in their learning and lead with their values.


In 2019, Harlem Link used input from all staff members and from families to identify and articulate clearly the following beliefs essential to the school’s vision.

  • Relationships matter.
  • Family members are experts on their children.
  • Staff relationships determine the quality of our school culture.
  • Our community members’ unique identities are the center of our work.
  • Our inclusive learning model creates new possibilities for all learners.
  • What gets measured gets done.

Our Instructional Vision

Founded in principles of trauma-informed and responsive practices, scaffolded supports, and inclusivity, our instructional model centers both academic and social-emotional learning.

Responsive Classroom

Responsive Classroom (RC) is the philosophical underpinning of our instructional model. RC practices promote positive social interactions and collaborative classrooms, and are based on tenets of Engaging Academics, Positive Community, Effective Management, and Developmental Awareness.

Inclusive Learning

We value our students’ diversity and focus on the growth and well-being of each child through the lens of our relationships-based approach to learning. Most classes are co-taught, providing Specially Designed Instruction in an integrated co-teaching setting in grades Kindergarten-5th. We also provide English as a New Language instruction for students across the continuum of language acquisition, while embracing and honoring their home language and culture. Among a myriad of resources that inform our work, we also use Reality Pedagogy and Learning for Justice practices in promoting citizenship among and showing respect for our students.

Emotionally Responsive Practices

As a trauma-sensitive school, our school provides training in the neurological, psychological and pedagogical elements of trauma for all faculty. We partner with Bank Street College’s program in Emotionally Responsive Practices to create a learning environment that has in mind a student who has experienced trauma, but that benefits all learners.


Our Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS) approach to organizing assessments means that we are always considering the progress of our students. Our use of data allows us to provide the right interventions with the right adults at the right time to meet all students.

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