Supporting and growing our students

Responsive to Each Child’s Need

At Harlem Link, social emotional learning is as important as academic learning. We know that skills such as self-control, planning ahead and advocating for oneself are better predictors of success in college and careers than performance in the traditional academic subjects. At Link, we believe that lifelong learners need both academic and social emotional skills and knowledge.

Social Emotional Learning for All Students

Through our Responsive Classroom practices such as daily Morning Meetings in each classroom to convey a sense of belonging, importance and tun to each child, our use of the PATHS social emotional learning curriculum in all classrooms and much more, Harlem Link invests time and energy ensuring that each child is a valued and contributing member of a safe, supportive learning community.

Social Work & Emotional Support

For students who need additional support, Harlem Link has two administrators dedicated to the emotional wellbeing of students along with three full time social workers and a case management team to support students and families.

They also provide guidance directly to classroom teachers and support staff in in-class responses and supporting as part of a student’s IEP case management team as needed. Families can connect with their child’s grade-level social worker for service referrals, resources for at-home, and support on academic interventions or ACS cases.

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