Afterschool isn’t an after-thought

The After All Network connects our school community to providers and services “within the Harlem Link family” (as Mr. Reddick, likes to say). We partner closely with a network of aftercare providers, workforce programs, and community centers in Harlem and the Bronx to ensure our families have the option of safe, enriching childcare into the evenings no matter what.

Our on-site program is open to all students, Kindergarten through 5th Grade, including Multi-Lingual Learners and students new to Harlem Link. This includes all remote sessions, open daily to all students. We unfortunately cannot enroll Pre-K students in on-site afterschool at this time.

Is Afterschool programming right for my family?

Is my child guaranteed a seat?

Seats are filled on a first-come, first-served basis and as available,  but all accept applications on a rolling basis.

As space is limited in our on-site program and with many of our off-site partners, we encourage any families interested to apply as soon as possible and to indicate all programs they are interested in.

Many of the programs also offer priority to siblings of current students or those previously enrolled.

How do I apply for a seat for my child?

In order to enroll at any site (Harlem Link’s or a partner), you will need to provide the following for your child:

  1. Copy of their birth certificate
  2. Current photo
  3. Up-to-date physical (can be requested from the HL Main Office, if previously provided)
  4. A copy of their IEP, if relevant

I'd like my child at a program closer to home. Who do you partner with?

The After All Afterschool Network includes longstanding partnerships with several Harlem-based non-profits and community-based organizations (CBOs). We are committed to referring families for any services we cannot directly provide to a partner they can trust and rely on.

Our current afterschool partners include:

  • Children’s Aid Society, at Dunlevy Milbank Center
  • SCAN-Harbor, at King Towers, Johnson Center, and Harbor Cornerstone sites
  • The Boys Club, at PS 185
  • Northside Center for Child Development

Each of these programs additionally provides supervised pick-up from Harlem Link to their respective sites, free of charge.

Please reach out to us if you are unsure of and interested in a program closer to you or your child’s home.

How many students participate in afterschool?

After All helped place over 200 students in programs for the 2019-20 school year! This included almost 100 students in our on-site program.

With our partner network and in-house team, we are committed to finding a placement that works for all of our families according to their childcare needs, location, and enrichment interests.

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