A Well-Rounded Curriculum

Our Specials program is an integral part of our students’ daily experiences, including science, dance, art, and physical education. Our curriculum across Specials classes is focused on creating spaces for students to learn through enriching, hands-on work with teachers specializing in each subject.

We believe ALL students should have access daily to activities that allow them to explore and be inspired to learn. Engaging in the arts, science, and movement activities should not based on funding or zip code.



Our program offers unique hands-on experiences exposing students to the different ways artists create. Students learn how to apply the principles and elements of physical, visual art to support their ideas and opinions when creating, observing, and describing their own works and those of other artists.


Given a space to explore movement, students are able to discover different genres, learn improvisational skills, and investigate the history of dance and performance. Students learn how to use their body as an instrument of expression and feeling, and a new way to communicate artistically.


With an exploratory approach, we use the FOSS (Full Option Science System) science program to promote hands-on learning and experimentation through observations, deductive reasoning, and an understanding of the scientific method.


The major focus of our program is the lifelong health benefits of physical activity. By creating safe, encouraging spaces for all of our students, they can enjoy and identify with an active lifestyle while developing social emotional and sport-specific skills.

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