At Harlem Link, you’re always family

Alumni are an important part of our community.

We have 14 classes of graduates (HL10 – HL23), totaling 705 alumni.

They reside in 4 countries, 18 states, 5 boroughs, have attended 153 middle schools, 13 local college access programs, over 211 high schools, and 98 colleges.

Alumni give generously of their time, insight, and resources, as part of our Start to Finish program. They consistently come to the school to visit staff, peers, and younger students, participate in events, and an alumna also serves on our board of trustees.

Just check out the many amazing colleges our alumni have already gone on to.

Our Annual Alumni Events

Check our these and all upcoming events on our Start to Finish school calendar!

Our doors are always open for you

Alumni, if you have any questions, needs, news, or just want to say hi, you can email

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