Leading with voice and action

Activism and social justice are integral to our vision of education access and equity.

As a community, we act on the principles that education is a human right, that no one is illegal, and that Black lives matter. Your ongoing support and activism is what allows us to continue to fight for equitable opportunities for all students, at Harlem Link and beyond.

Whether it’s promoting our current work, connecting our students and families to your network, or advocating for public funding and support for schools, we appreciate your support and platform.

Our students are future leaders. Join them in this movement.

Learn more about our diversity and social justice initiatives and curriculum.

Our Current Initiatives

Continuous Enrollment

We know that there is a need for high-quality educational opportunities year-round, not just in August. That’s why we uniquely offer rolling admissions.

Know a family looking for an amazing new school? Share our application information with your networks!

Keeping Us Connected, Through Closure

In response to COVID-19, Harlem Link built a Virtual School so that our students could attend school, work with classmates, and see a friendly face in their teachers while safely staying home.

With your help, we’ve been able to provide over 330 loaner Chromebooks to date to students with tech needs, offer small group on-site supervision for essential worker families, and ensure our students don’t miss out on learning every day.

With much still to do, we will be here for our families through closure and beyond. Help ensure learning blooms this spring, whether we’re on-site or remote.

Support Statewide Funding for Afterschools

Our on-site and partner programs have continued throughout the COVID-19 closure, providing afternoon enrichment for students and necessary childcare for working families.

Year-to-year state and federal funding is constantly at risk of being cut, jeopardizing access to aftercare services and hands-on learning for students city and state-wide.

Harlem Link partners with New York State Network for Youth Success to lobby local and state legislators to expand support for afterschool programs. You can add your voice to the ask.

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